Restoration areas in Discovery Park

Mission Statement

As described in the "About" page for this site, the Green Seattle Partnership has enrolled a large number of restoration sites in Seattle parks into its system and many volunteer Forest Stewards are actively working on these sites. Since the Discovery Park Adopt-An-Area program pre-dated the GSP by almost ten years, the current AAA stewards are considered unofficial GSP Forest Stewards until they go through the formal training and orientation process given yearly. Tom Palm is the lead GSP Forest Steward for Discovery Park and coordinates between AAA volunteers, Grounds Maintenance and GSP. For a site to be enrolled means that GSP commits to the long-term maintenance and monitoring of the site to see that it is being sustainably restored.

As part of this mapping process, all GSP sites in Discovery Park have been carefully measured and the outlines on the map reflect the current boundaries. The numbers used on the map reflect the Zones assigned in the Discovery Park Vegetation Management Plan of 2000. Some sites have names that reflect the volunteer that has been working on them the most. The current map is soon to be replaced with a Google Earth module having many more features to support Forest Stewards.

An older map showing just the GSP sites in Discovery Park is available at DP GSP Sites and the assignment of AAA volunteers and other organizations to these sites circa 2010 is available at DP GSP Volunteers